energy healing

what I offer

Free 20 min session – where we get to know one another, work out a plan, clear some trapped emotions, and ask questions!


Full sessions are 40 minutes. Working through the Body Code extensive program.

We work through several trapped emotions in releasing them clear from your body. Identifying and correcting energy imbalances that could cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems for you. We will dive into your health of the energy body and try to release blocked chakras/meridians/more. We will also look at the physical side for things like toxins, nutritional deficiencies, and structural imbalances to address whatever I think your body might need. Each session is unique to you and your mind + body. We will take time to work through energies that may be blocking you from living your most vibrant life!

ALL SESSIONS ARE HELD OVER THE PHONE. Unless otherwise discussed!

Sessions can be held via FacetTime, Skype, or Zoom if preferred.

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